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Spina Camping Village


The concept

Architect Daniela e Elisa Giunchi – G2de-Architetti – Ravenna

The chalets at the Spina Camping Village had to be completely restructured following an upgrade of the entire site.

The “mobile” nature of the site encompasses lagoons, pine trees, and transition areas. Environmental aspects took centre stage and became the predominant mood of the entire project.

The former owner of the site installed 27 wooden chalets at the start of the 70s destined to be a camping site. The typical triangular infrastructures were the same used as traditional sheds to deposit tools.

The new “chalets” are faithful to their original heritage, keeping the triangular shape and the larch walls. However, they reinterpret the shapes by using high-performance, natural materials. This new vision employs certified materials and favours a living area which goes beyond pure building and performance levels.

The chalets now feature a functional and comfortable indoor layout. The living area gradually opens up into a spacious outdoor veranda, and features wide openings which increase the view from outside to the indoor area of the home.

The infrastructures’ walls and pitches were prefabricated and assembled on site.

Our outstanding process slashed building times while at the same time avoiding damage to the dunes and the trees’ roots.

The biggest challenge was to leave the suggestive landscapes untouched. The Spina Camping “chalets” are part of the guests’ collective memory since their very first visit to the sandy dunes near Ravenna in the 70s.