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We plan, build, and assemble your homes

We’ve brought a breath of fresh air to outdoor tourism by developing sustainable mobile homes, boasting outstanding traits and with a lifecycle comparable to that of a traditional holiday home. Our German technology and Italian design are coveted by the whole world. As if that weren’t enough, our buildings are made to last, doubling or even tripling their planned programmed average lifecycle.

A building, even a minimal one, requires you to pool different skills during its construction: numerous technical departments, qualified personnel working seamlessly together as well as skills and coordination across a range of aspects. Top-notch organisational skills are a must to deliver the prefab in record times and respect our client’s timetable. Wolf Small Paradise has chosen integrated planning for this reason, meaning our company oversees the entire supply chain.

It’s fundamental for a company to have its own production plant and avoid outsourcing prefabrication: precision and attention to detail are key to deliver top-notch projects in record times.


Assembled by Wolf Small Paradise

Choose us for high-quality assembly procedures.

Every mobile home can be delivered pre-assembled or assembled on site (bungalows are always built on site) by coordinated in-house teams with specific training. We’re the only company offering these services, a benchmark for outstanding construction quality, timely delivery, and attention to detail.

Assembly considering every detail and guaranteeing client satisfaction.